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Ask The Career Coach
Career Coach Phaedra Brotherton, CPRW, JCTC, CDF, answers some common career questions asked by her clients.

Q. As a training professional, I have had different feedback about including the year I received my degrees  along with the listing of the degree on my resume. I didn't include dates previously and then a person who gave me feedback (who was a recruiter for physicians) suggested I include them because excluding the dates made it seem I was much older than I am! What do you suggest?

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Q. What's the most effective method for finding companies that fit the profile of the company I'd like to work for? I’d like to make sure my new company is really a good fit before I accept an offer. 

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Q. I am getting pretty discouraged applying for jobs online and know I should be doing other things, but I am clueless about what else to do to find jobs.  Any suggestions?  

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